Ideas For A Backyard Pool And Hot Tub In 2022

Ideas For A Backyard Pool And Hot Tub In 2022

If it’s hot where you live and you want a pool, you may have found this article. Or maybe it’s getting colder and all you can think about is a fancy hot tub. No matter how you got here, you’re welcome! We’d love to talk about some ideas for a backyard pool or hot tub, […]

Reasons to Get Fiberglass Pools

Many types of pools are available today, but fiberglass swimming pools are the most popular. The pricing of the product is one of the main reasons for this desire by consumers. A concrete pool with a vinyl, tile, or tile liner often costs more than a fiberglass pool. However, fiberglass pools are less expensive. The […]

Beginner’s Quick Guide to Pool Maintenance

While completing pool maintenance on your backyard pool may seem daunting at first, it will get easier with practice. But don’t you think we should start somewhere? Clear water in a swimming pool necessitates frequent cleaning and treatment. You should be aware that the water you put in it will last long before it needs […]

Why Add Lighting to Your Fiberglass Pool?

It’s easy to overlook the importance of proper lighting in various settings. Aside from just illuminating the area, the lighting also draws attention to specific design features, enhancing the room’s overall aesthetic appeal. Fiberglass pools can be given a sense of elegance and individuality by experimenting with their lighting options. You can save money and […]

How to Find the Right Swimming Pool Contractor for You

How to Find the Right Swimming Pool Contractor for You | Kline Bros. Swimming Pool & Spa

Please allow us to assist you in putting together this jigsaw puzzle depicting the building of a swimming pool. Let’s take a look at some ways that you may better prepare yourself for this phase of the hiring process before you hunt for a pool builder on Google or Facebook, check with your neighbors, or […]

When is the Best Season to Construct a Swimming Pool

When the Best Season to Construct a Swimming Pool | Kline Bros. Swimming Pool & Spa

When the weather is nicest, construction of a swimming pool in Manahawkin, New Jersey, may begin. This is an excellent question that our pool customers in KBL Pool and Spa ask us very regularly, and we are happy to answer it: “When would be the most ideal time of the year to construct the swimming […]

Outdoor & Landscape Lighting Services

Outdoor & Landscape Lighting Services | Kline Bros. Swimming Pool & Spa

Accent lighting for the outdoors and the landscape is a multi-purpose item that may be utilized to create an impact that brings residential and backyard landscapes to life at night. Home and yard can undergo a stunning transformation with the help of a custom-designed landscape lighting system that is designed and installed by a professional […]

How to Purchase a Tailor-Made In-Ground Swimming Pool

How to Purchase a Tailor-Made In-Ground Swimming Pool | Kline Bros. Swimming Pool & Spa

The process of purchasing a customized swimming pool, including planning, budgeting, and purchasing decisions. The most important things to think about when you are ready to purchase a swimming pool: HOA (if applicable) Deed Restrictions HOA Requirements HOA Fees City Building inspections Finances Inground pool costs in your area. Do you qualify for the average […]

Swimming Pool Installation Costs

pool contractor - installation costs

Swimming pools are great for the whole family. They are a fun way to cool down in summer and provide a suitable environment for exercise. wan want to install. Your choice of location and contractor can also influence the price. Factors That Affect Swimming Pool Installation Costs Swimming pool installation costs can vary greatly depending […]