Located in Toms River, NJ, East Coast Escape Room is a firm that provides escape room experiences. After performing chores and overcoming riddles, you and your team will have 60 minutes to “escape” from the room. To be victorious, you will need to cooperate with one another. So, are you ready to take on a new challenge? 

In this real-life adventure game, clues, keys, codes, and hands-on chores are used to guide players through the game. It will take you and your team 60 minutes to achieve the goal, held in a themed room. So are you willing to take on the challenge? The perfect activity for dating evenings, girls’ or guys’ nights out, family fun, team building, birthdays, and other festivities! Learn more

Did you know that escape games foster strong teamwork abilities in a fun, problem-solving setting? Suppose you own a company, a club, or an organization. In that matter, you should benefit from the East Coast Escape Room team-building package. Escape games are a FUN and engaging approach to enhancing communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and listening skills. Everybody will remember this adventure!


During the timed game, teams will need to communicate effectively. The faster the team learns to communicate, the faster they will be able to solve challenges and advance through the game. This is a practical talent that is quite useful in the workplace.


Each member of the group contributes something unique to the group. For example, some people excel at logic problems, while others are more discerning. To be successful, teams must work together on problems. Check this out

Pay attention to one another.

During escape games, the ability to listen is vital! Because this is a group game, everyone’s input should be considered. After all, someone may be able to figure out the solution!

Preventative measures are being implemented for the clients in order to avoid the spread of Covid-19:

Because they operate on a reservation basis, you must phone them at 732-864-1200 or make an online reservation before visiting East Coast Escape Room.