How To Create The Ultimate Backyard Pool Oasis

How To Create The Ultimate Backyard Pool Oasis

The people who did the work are gone. The dirt and noise have been replaced by sparkling water, and you can’t wait to jump in your new pool. But before you start, there’s one more thing to think about: landscaping.


Think of your pool as the star of your backyard show and the landscaping as the supporting cast. The landscaping is the finishing touch that will take your backyard from good to award-winning.


With these tips, you can fill your yard with landscape co-stars that will make your pool the star of the show.

Choose a style

When you choose a style for your landscaping, the only things that can stop you are your imagination… and where you live. What does well in Florida or Southern California might not do so well in New England, and vice versa? Even in the colder parts of the country, you can still make a tropical paradise. Just leave out the palm trees and flowers that grow in hot weather. Instead, look for materials made of natural things and bright colors that remind you of a tropical resort. You might also think about things like tiki torches or hammocks that say “tropical.” The same goes for any other popular poolside aesthetic. You can make your garden look like an elegant spa or a peaceful Greek garden by using the right materials and plants for your climate zone.

Divide it up by zones

Every room in your house has a specific use. For example, the kitchen is where you cook, and the bedroom is where you sleep. Think about how you’ve landscaped your backyard and the area around your pool. Develop zones based on what you want to do in each one, such as eating or lounging. You might decide to add an outdoor kitchen and party area away from the pool, while the lounge chairs are a few steps down a path next to the pool.


Use different materials in different zones. If your pool deck is made of concrete, you might want to use patio pavers or tile in the area where you cook and eat outside. Or, you could use stone for the walkways and walls, but something else for the deck. This is a simple way to visually divide your zones and show family, friends, and guests what each part of your landscaping is for.

It's easy to do hardscaping

Do you have a concrete patio around your pool, or do you want a wooden deck to make it feel like a resort? What about paths, walls, hedges, and flower beds to separate the different areas? Flagstone or patio pavers are also nice options to think about.

Green Is Good

The color green is good for your mind. Researchers have found that being outside in nature makes people feel less stress, anxiety, and depression.. By putting a lot of green around your pool, you can make it a peaceful place to hang out. Native plants are always a good choice if you want to spend more time in the pool and less time doing yard work around it. Native plants don’t need as much water or care because they are already used to your climate. This gives you more time to spend in the pool.


All pools need maintenance. But if you remember a few simple tips, you can cut down on the amount of work that needs to be done.


Keep plants at least 4 feet away to help stop debris and dirt from getting into your pool when stormwater runs off.


  • Make sure there is enough space to get to and from the house and around the pool.
  • Don’t put trees or other plants with big, strong roots too close to the pool, or you might have to fix it in a few years.
  • Pools and plants both make it more humid. When choosing plants for your pool area, think of it as a small environment where the humidity is a bit higher.
  • Avoid crape myrtle, magnolia, and crabapple trees when they are in bloom. The flowers make a mess, and the crabapples will keep hitting people in the water all summer. The same is true for trees whose leaves fall off in the fall. When you have to clean your pool, the fall colors aren’t so pretty.

Turn It On

If you want to use your pool at night, lighting is important. You can hang Edison lights near the pool or add dramatic uplighting to tall plants or trees. Putting LED lights in the pool that are neon-colored is a nice touch. The mood is set by the light.


A firepit is also a great, mood-setting source of light that fits this category. A firepit can also heat your pool so you can use it earlier in the spring, all through the summer, and even into the fall.

A Step at a Time

Making the oasis of your dreams will take some time. Stay in order. Write down what you like about the design and make lists of things to buy. Plan out a schedule for when and how you will do everything.


Turning your pool into the centerpiece of your landscaping can be hard work, but the reward is worth it. Take it one step at a time, and these tips can make you and your guests say, “Bravo!”