How to Keep Your Pool Safe From Snow Damage

How to Keep Your Pool Safe From Snow Damage

With the start of a new year, the weather gets cold and snow is likely. With regular maintenance, your pool will be ready for winter, but these tips will help you save a lot of money by preventing snow damage. Whether or not your pool is heated, you need to work together to keep the snow out of it.

Clean your pool often and right away

Your life will be much easier if you clean your pool before you put on the pool cover or turn off the water heater. Before you cover your pool, you should brush the sides and get rid of any trash that could clog the filter. Next, drain the backwash line to clean the pool filter well and completely.

The main defense is a pool cover

The pool cover is the most important thing to do when you close your pool or when you’re not using it at any time of the year. Leaves, bugs, and rain won’t get into your pool if you have a pool cover. Pool covers rest on the water in your pool, so don’t drain it all out when you start to close it up for the winter. We suggest that you use a mesh cover that freezes the water of your pool in the winter. This keeps the snow from melting into the water and makes the pool cover more stable. When the snow melts, the cover will unfreeze and spring back into shape. You don’t have to worry about getting rid of the melted snow.

How about pool salt?

Pool salt is a trade secret. It is a special salt mixture that is made to melt snow and ice on your pool cover. It works just like rock salt, but it’s not made of the same chemicals. Putting rock salt on your pool cover or pool filter could damage them. Using pool salt and a cover pump the next day will get rid of the leftover snow and melted salt.

Stop heating your water

Turning off your water heater will save you some money on your electricity bill. Your pool will freeze over in the winter. That is okay! When it freezes, everything you use to get ready for winter works better.

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