There’s plenty to see and do in this town! The imaginative exhibits, set inside the architecture of a bug-themed city, delight tourists as they learn about these amazing insects.

The crew is made up of people who like bugs and enjoy working here! So when you visit Insectropolis, you will not only witness magnificent insects and exhibits, but you will also encounter eager, pleasant, and informed employees. They have a lot of smart insect handlers, fascinating tour guides, and entertaining birthday hostesses.

Insectropolis’ three major worker bees were there from the start, making Insectropolis a reality.

“Velvet Ant” Val

Valerie joined the Insectropolis project because of her retail sales and management expertise and her creative background. Her talents may be observed in the facility’s paintings and exhibits. As a youngster, she would go outdoors and capture salamanders and frogs. To “save” her sister from spiders and insects. Valerie is the first happy face you encounter when entering and the last on your way out. She runs the “One Stop Bug Shop.”

“Dragonfly” Di

Except for her illogical anxiety that every cricket was “after her,” in the 1980s, Diane showed little interest in the lives of the insects around her. As Insectropolis’ Group Coordinator, she now leads tours, manages bugs, and plans group visits. Diane has an artistic background and is a creative thinker. She was the creative power behind their stunning, dramatic, and themed displays.

Chris Koerner

Chris came up with the concept for a bug museum while operating Ozane Pest Control and identifying insects for clients. Insects attracted Chris because his father owned and managed Ozane. He always believed there was more to bugs than merely killing them. He studied business and finance at Rider College to manage the family company. He built several of the displays himself, using a carpenter’s belt. Chris is still participating and may be seen collecting specimens at his pinning station. Chris was selected “World’s Best Boss” 2-1.

Thousands of gorgeous and strange exotic insects from throughout the globe are on display. Use the touch-screen PCs to play insect games. As you crawl in the dirt tube, pretend you’re a termite. Get up close and personal with the active bees by safely approaching the observation hive. Or have a look at some of the many more live insects. Of course, a visit to the museum isn’t complete without attending a touch presentation! Touch presentations happen daily. Before you depart, handle a live tarantula, millipede, and hissing cockroach. Insectropolis offers over a dozen exhibit sections guaranteed to educate and delight, whether you are a bug fanatic or simply a curious visitor. Additional info

Insectropolis will inspire visitors to learn more about the life of insects and create a broader understanding of bugs and their importance in the environment. You will be greeted by a kind, experienced staff committed to making your stay as enjoyable as possible. Call (732) 349-7090 for more information. Next article is