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When it comes to installing a pool, the number of options available can be overwhelming. You have a lot of choices to make, from materials to water features, colors, and more. But, choosing a pool material does not have to be difficult when you have Kline Bros helping you along the way.



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There is no one who will get the job done faster than we can. With over 100 trucks and two 10 acre pool yards stocked with pools and materials, Kline Brother has the muscle to get your job going faster than you can imagine, and completed before the other companies have even submitted your permits. We pride ourselves in delivering a fantastic product, at a fair price, faster than anyone in the business.


Because fiberglass is incredibly durable and non-porous, it is considered nearly maintenance-free. On the other hand, Concrete pools are porous and require a great deal of upkeep to stay clean and attractive. Moreover, unlike vinyl pools, fiberglass pools do not have a liner, eliminating another part for maintenance.


Fiberglass is the preferred material for high-performance products such as hot tubs, water tanks, surfboards, boats, multi-million dollar yachts, airplanes, and even helicopters and rockets, as the composition is millions of interwoven glass threads covered in polyester resin. It is more durable than many metals, non-conductive, and chemically resistant, making this high-quality material smooth and long-lasting.

Spa and Tanning Ledges

Customers frequently request adding a Spa and/or Tanning Ledge to their backyard pool-scape to create a quiet spot to relax or a place for younger kids to play safely.


Spas and tanning ledges can be flat with your pool or elevated to flow over into it. Spillover variants are ideal for incorporating an elevated spa or ledge and spilling over into the pool. In contrast, non-spillover ones are ideal for stand-alone or isolated bodies of water.


Want to make your backyard oasis even more inviting and relaxing. One way to do this is with a spa or hot tub. This is one of the biggest trends for Ocean County pools in the past few years. And Kline Bros can give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Installing hot tubs and spas whether they are stand along or attached to your pool requires careful planning because of the complex systems involved in the installation. At Kline Bros we guarantee our clients professional and top quality workmanship.

A hot tub is a great way to soak away the stress of daily life or relax after a day at the beach. Soaking in steaming water matched with the fresh ocean air can wash away all of the stress and achy muscles

Tanning Ledges

Does placing a lounger into your pool feel like a delight you can’t pass up. A tanning ledge is an addition to your swimming pool that consists of a raised platform or area within the shallow end of your pool that is even more shallow. This expansive shelf could be anywhere from just a few inches deep to multiple feed. The goal is to allow you to sit or lay in the water without having to swim or float. It’s an absolutely blissful experience.

If your goal is to spend a lot of time relaxing in the pool, a tanning ledge is definitely worth considering. We especially recommend it if you plan to have in-pool furniture or if you’ll have small children or pets in the water.