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Health Benefits of a Swimming Pool & Hot Tub

People with autoimmune disorders frequently suffer from intense pain that makes it impossible to exercise. Yet, doctors will recommend that these patients continue to exercise but change the mode of exercise. In fact, low-impact aerobic exercise is recommended to increase endorphins, reduce pain and inflammation, and elevate mood. 

One of the forms of low-impact aerobic exercise that these doctors recommend is swimming. That’s where your friendly neighborhood pool contractor comes in. They can construct a pool and/or a hot tub right in your own backyard. Then you can begin to enjoy many of the health benefits that swimming and being in a hot tub provide.

Health Benefits of a Swimming Pool

Swimming isn’t just fun; it provides a litany of health benefits. For one, it is the perfect low-impact exercise because your body is buoyed up in the water while you work against the natural resistance of the water. You are building muscle in all your limbs and your core in what feels like a completely effortless exercise.

To keep your body straight in the water you have to engage your abdominal muscles and to a lesser extent your back muscles. These muscle groups become toned the more you work out in your pool. Your shoulders, arms, legs, and buttocks become toned from frequent swim strokes and laps in your pool. Best of all, it hardly hurts when you’re done because the water reduces the usual pull of gravity and strike force you would typically experience when working out on land.

Your cardiovascular and pulmonary systems are working hard when you swim too. It takes a lot of effort to move legs and arms simultaneously, which increases heart rate, blood flow, and lung capacity. Your blood pressure self-regulates and drops, as a result, a benefit for those who have hypertension. If you are also working towards holding your breath for long periods underwater, you will find that your lungs become stronger with regular swim exercises. You will be able to hold your breath longer with less effort.

Finally, because you are in the water, you naturally feel weightless and relaxed. This allows you to release any tension you feel in your body and your mind relaxes too. The release of stress from being in a floating water environment is beneficial to your mental and emotional well-being. Scientists theorize that this is the result of being in your mother’s womb prior to birth, which is essentially a floating watery world of warmth and comfort.

Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

If a swimming pool is primarily for exercise, then a hot tub is primarily for relaxation. People are not likely to swim in a hot tub, but rather just sit in it. As you sit in a hot tub, the jets massage your muscles and help release the toxins built up in muscles that have enjoyed exercise. In people with certain autoimmune disorders, these inflammatory toxins are much higher, and the hot tub helps flush the problematic toxins out of the body. 

Essentially, a hot tub eases pain and inflammation through warmth and water massage. Even if you opt not to install a pool with a pool contractor’s help, you can install a hot tub and still enjoy some of the same health benefits that come from water therapy. The buoyancy and soothing effects of floating in water are well worth constructing one or both of these water features in your backyard.

Having Both Hot Tub & Swimming Pool

If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you might be struggling with space and how to put both a hot tub and a pool in your backyard. Pool contractors have the perfect solution for you. There are larger hot tubs that double as small swimming pools. You can opt to turn on jets and heat for a hot tub soak, or leave them off and work out in your small pool. You may have to do more laps than you would in a larger pool to achieve the same results, but at least you will resolve the question of space and convenience. 

The higher-end models of this particular combo pool/hot tub have additional features. They include exercise equipment and instructional videos you can play in order to work out in the pool/tub! While not every pool contractor carries or installs these types of combo tubs, it is still something to consider if you are tight on space and tighter on finances.

Financial Benefits of Owning Your Own Pool & Hot Tub

Although the initial sticker price might worry you, the ultimate price will please you. Pools and hot tubs pay for themselves because you have instant access to exercise and relaxation. You don’t have to pay for a gym membership or gas to drive to the gym, which reduces your stress right there.

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