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in your own backyard

There is nothing like a relaxing plunge in your crystal clear home pool after a long day at work and having a private paradise getaway in your backyard. 

If you have been thinking about it for a while, it may be high time to have a pool installed. However, you have several alternatives when it comes to installing a pool.

Fiberglass pools are becoming more popular due to this trend for customers who want their pool installed sooner and with less long-term care. Fiberglass pools also provide the following advantages to those who choose them:

  • Reduced Installation Time: Experts can set up a pool made of fiberglass in as little as seven days. Such a tight timeframe is because the pool gets installed as a single unit. Installers can usually place the shell in a week or less after being constructed. In addition, unlike other pools, the installation is not weather-dependent.
  • Highly Durable: A well-made fiberglass pool’s shell and the gel-coat surface can last for decades. Unlike gunite and liner pools, fiberglass pools do not require as much maintenance or budget to sustain.


Significantly Lower Lifetime Cost: Fiberglass pools have a greater initial cost than vinyl liner pools. However, when you consider the minimal upkeep and other advantages, fiberglass pools are less expensive to own in the long run.

Fiberglass pools have been around since 1958, and the industry has grown considerably since then. The days of only offering white fiberglass pool shells in a basic rectangle shape are long gone: The design aspects of these fiberglass pools have altered substantially since the late 1950s.

With that, Kline Bros. Landscaping can turn your home into a relaxing haven with a luxury swimming pool or spa. 

The following are examples of Kline Bros.’ extensive custom swimming pool design portfolio:



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Your pool’s color and finish significantly impact its overall appearance. It is a good thing there is a selection of exclusive colored finishes to choose from and regular gel coats to achieve a variety of effects. In this regard, request assistance from Kline Bros.

Perimeter and Custom Tile

Kline Bros offers an appealing assortment of standard perimeter tile, and the corresponding accent inlaid tiles to make your pool unique. Kline Bros’ inlaid tiles emphasize stairs and seats for safety and aesthetics.

Any pool or spa can have glass or ceramic tile on the floor, steps, seats, and/or skimmers. For a polished and elegant look, you can add these innovative designs to complement the curve of your pool.

Swimming Pool Contractor

Vanishing Edges & Cascades

Give your pool the appearance of integrating into a natural setting. It nearly vanishes as the waterfalls over the back edge of a vanishing edge pool. You can further enhance this option with a beautiful waterfall vista from the backyard.

Listen to the enchanting sounds of waterfalls cascading down from gorgeous water features in your own pool’s coping. The cascades come in a variety of sizes and numbers to create energizing and stunning waterfalls that complement your pool’s size and scenery.

Mosaics & Lighting

Mosaic tiles contribute to the overall appeal of your pool by reflecting charm and personality. With a selection from Kline Bros’ basic product line or a bespoke mosaic of your design from Artistry in Mosaics, you may reflect your personality in your pool.

With custom lighting from Kline Bros., you can enjoy the beauty and romantic vibe of your pool at night. From your pool and spa to landscaping and patio ideas, you can use lighting to accent almost everything. Furthermore, Kline Bros. custom lighting can be employed with water features such as cascades to highlight the flow of a continuous, falling waterfall. Moreover, you can use perimeter lighting to give ambiance and beauty to any pool or spa.

Kline Brothers Pool and Landscape Design

Kline Brothers is a Jersey Shore-based full-service landscape company. Kline Bros’ established business enables them to provide industry-leading landscape solutions to commercial and residential clients in LBI, Manahawkin, and Ocean County, NJ. Kline Bros. gets driven by a passion for meeting or exceeding customer needs and consistently delivering customer satisfaction as their business builds on a family tradition of caring.

Kline Bros. can help with every aspect of the swimming pool design process, from initial planning to obtaining the necessary approvals for construction and even upkeep, totally transforming your ordinary backyard into something extraordinary.