So, why is Up To Par Golf Center the most incredible option for golf instruction? Not only does Up To Par Golf Center employ the most cutting-edge technology available to touring pros, but each instruction is also tailored to the individual. Up To Par Golf Center will work with you to assess your current level of play, discuss your objectives, and build a practice plan that matches your schedule. Please read on to learn more about what each course comprises.


Over 10,000 golf lessons have been offered by the Up To Par Golf Center staff in the last decade. They are very proud of the 5-star evaluations they have earned across several platforms. The numerous ‘best of’ accolades they have won and, most importantly, the fact that their students have shown significant progress in their golf swings. From brand new golfers to seasoned players, from young juniors to recent retirees, their teaching has helped players. They make learning fun and are enthusiastic about seeing students develop.

Up To Par Golf Center assesses each athlete and discusses their aims with them. These objectives are then compared to the player’s present level of play, and a strategy is devised to guide the learner in the right direction. The ‘Staircase of Learning’ is the name given to this procedure. This is a strategy for keeping the student on track to achieve reasonable and achievable objectives. This is a tested and true technique for maintaining motivation. This will also highlight the student’s progress as they travel up the stairwell toward their ultimate aim of improving their game. Continue reading

Up To Par Golf Center can provide a variety of lesson plans and packages that are suited to specific objectives and budgets. Based on your existing talents and planned progress, they may come up with various solutions. This sets them apart: they customize these programs and packages for each student individually. They acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to enhancing your golf game.

Tried & True Teaching Methods

For more than a decade, they have been refining their teaching approaches. Up To Par Golf Center has been assisting players in learning new strategies to help them better their game. These strategies assist players in learning new movement patterns and gaining a better knowledge of the golf swing. At Up To Par Golf Center, they firmly believe that a solid foundation in the golf swing fundamentals will result in significant improvement in your game.

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