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When is the Best Season to Construct a Swimming Pool

When the weather is nicest, construction of a swimming pool in Manahawkin, New Jersey, may begin. This is an excellent question that our pool customers in KBL Pool and Spa ask us very regularly, and we are happy to answer it:

“When would be the most ideal time of the year to construct the swimming pool?”

As a result, we would like to address that issue for those of you who may be wondering how long it will take to finish, as well as whether or not there are any particular advantages to constructing my pool during the wintertime. Specifically, we would like to know whether or not there are any particular advantages to constructing my pool during the wintertime.

In answer to this inquiry, the evasive argument is that it is feasible to build a swimming pool at any time of the year. We receive a lot of questions concerning the winter season and the beginning of the summer season, and as a result, we have chosen to discuss all four seasons in one piece. Because building inground pools is what we do all day, every day, throughout the year in the Manahawkin, New Jersey, area, you will discover that the time of year in which you decide to construct your new pool will depend on how your life is now organized.

Constructing Swimming Pools During the Colder Months

Is it possible to construct a swimming pool during the winter? — Yes! Would it be more cost-effective to construct a swimming pool in the winter? – No!

Let’s help set the record straight on the issue of making inground gunite pools throughout the winter by debunking some of the common fallacies as well as providing some information that isn’t well known. To tell the truth, having a swimming pool during the winter is not exactly high on anyone’s list of priorities. However, if you plan on installing an indoor setup or already have a heated spa, this might make a bit of a difference in the situation; however, during the winter months, the pool is typically not used very often, if at all. This might make a bit of a difference if you have plans to install an indoor setup.

Even though we have built a large number of pools during the colder months of any given year, the majority of people do not have the building of a pool on their minds during the Christmas break. This is despite the fact that we have built a large number of pools during those months. People that build pools during the winter do it for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they are looking forward to the next year’s swimming season or because they are passionate lovers of hot tubs. You also have the option of heating the pool, and the associated expenditures aren’t actually that much more.

Advantages of the Colder Months:

  • Scheduling Flexibility
  • Taking Precautions (Plan for a new years party, landscaping for next spring, the pool is READY)
  • Regarding the Specifics (plenty of time to stress test the pool design before construction begins)

Winter Season Disadvantages:

  • Hard Freezes (we have solutions for freezing conditions)
  • Curing Time (Concrete materials have slightly slower curing rates)

Watch carefully for the following:

Major Holidays (We will help you plan around this if it is not avoidable altogether)

Construction of Swimming Pools During the Summer

Are you prepared for the hectic pace of summer?

We are! The spring and summer months are the times of the year when our customers are most likely to be thinking about their pools. If you don’t already have one, you definitely want to get one. You definitely want to be a part of it if you have one!

Temperatures in Manahawkin, New Jersey, during the springtime, are often in the 50s and 60s and increase warmer by the day until the height of summer when they are as hot as anybody could want it to be at that point in time. It is a good idea to begin preparations for the pool construction during the springtime. We have another piece that discusses how we can have you swimming in as little as six weeks, and that post is about how long it takes to create an inground swimming pool. Taking into account the time required for approval, the construction of your pool should be finished in no more than two months.

There is yet opportunity! The month of August marks the end of the summer season in Manahawkin, New Jersey, but the majority of pool owners continue to enjoy their water features well into the fall. Because the summer lasts for such a significant portion of the year, it makes perfect sense to invest in a swimming pool.

Things go forward at a little quicker pace when summer arrives. The distribution sites of the material suppliers are filled to capacity, and the frequency of freight movement has increased. Those in need of skilled labor may easily find it in the surrounding region. Although there isn’t much of a difference between summer and any other season, there is a general tendency for things to move more quickly during the summer. It’s possible that summertime sales deals will be more beneficial to you than those offered in the winter.

In KBL Pool and Spa, there is no such thing as a bad time of year to construct an inground pool; rather, the optimal time to construct the pool is whenever you are prepared to do so. The process of getting ready to create a pool includes a lot of contemplation, and we hope that some of the concerns you have about pool building have been answered by reading this article.

Are you interested in learning more about how we construct swimming pools in KBL Pool and Spa and the towns that are located nearby? Check out the page on our website that discusses the pool building procedure.